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So what are we to do then? Stare? (2019)

A: Shall we open it then?
B: What?
A: The door

B: If a door is ready, it'll open itself

A: So what are we to do then? Stare?

B: One can only marvel at the potentiality of new beginnings

A: Yes, that is what I'm doing - great details, actually

B: What?

A: The door

B: But that's beyond the point

A: Not at all. In fact we're still here - not through, nor beyond

B: Uhm. Before, one might say. Perhaps we came too early...

A: Yes. Let's stay here for a while, before it's too late

B: But now I want to go beyond - that was the point

A: Right. Perhaps, if we stop staring, the door might open itself

B: Or, indeed, disappear

    - pause -

A: Should we open it then?
B: Don't you see there are no handles?
A: Fine. I will try to unsee the door

B: One cannot unsee what one's fate has laid before them

   - pause -

A: So what are we to do then? Stare?


Cosmogony of Pain (2018)


You shot me into this world

Out of hubris and oblivion

Out of arrogance and anguish

From the black depths of 

your vengeful



You fleshed me out

Out of the sticky magma


Your selfist lush,

Your poisonous anger

Your love is flawed

Your love is cursed

And I,

I shall now walk the precarious



this sudden lifetime

Mending the unwanted wounds,

the unwanted wounds

You granted



Kill'em with kindness, they say (2018)


Coat - CHECK

Sunglasses - CHECK

Clutch, pressing hard against my ribs - She is my shield.

Mascaraed eyelashes, they scrape the lens.

I scrutiny the street. 
He seems safe.

The lady stares.

She casts a spell against my fur - She is my shield.

The kids, they laugh. 

I keep my strut and usher in on the train.

Clutch, pressing hard against my ribs - She is my shield.

The passengers, they twitch in angst.

Am I thrilled? Sometimes attention is a consolatory glory.


My silk skirt spirals, revealing my irsute legs.

A man breaks into a grotesque laughter.

Another, he starts perusing my body.

His avid gaze fills me with


Clutch, pressing hard against my ribs - She is my shield.

I pull my glasses down, trying to reverse his


My eyelash batter.

He is not flattered.

Kill'em with kindness, they say. 



My beard

creeping on my face
murders the memory of my

My beard

piercing through my skin
tears the veil of my

My beard

biting my chin

with its pungent teeth
mars the serenity of my

My beard

seeping through my pores
corrupts my appearance with

My beard

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