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Concept and Performance: Rudi Salpietra
Video Art with Isadora Software: Carlotta Orioli




'The cultural products now seem designed to analyze themselves, and to make a spectacle of their essentially consumable perversity' 


Maggy Nelson, 'The Art of Cruelty'.



Sitting at the junction between performance art, theatre and video installation MEATPACKING/DISTRICT is a task based, experiential journey that looks at how we produce and consume art in contemporary society. 


Drawing on Bourdieu’s theories on cultural production and value and Marx’s analysis of labour and capital, MEATPACKING acts as a metonymic, self-reflexive container to observe and question conventional ways of making and consuming culture, challenging the relationship between economic and cultural capital in today’s world. 


MEATPACKING/DISTRICT programmatically refuses to offer a spectacle or performance as such and creates instead a meta-narrative space in which the relationship between performer, participants and artwork is not only dissected but also, and fundamentally, questioned.  

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