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Blow me one last kiss
ENCUENTRO VI Festival, NNM Studio Lima, July 2015

Photo Credits: Daniela Sanchez, Anibal Tafur.

Presented during Festival ENCUENTRO VI in Lima, 'Blow me one last kiss (The Artist must be Thankful)' is a one-to-one performance installation that aims to ridicule the sacredness of live encounters between performers and audience members within the parameters of participatory performance. The performer invites, one by one, the spectator to sip a glass of blue-inked water and hold it in their mouth until atop of the ladder. From there, they are requested to spit the water out onto the performer's face, which is being projected live into a frame on a different wall. The boundaries between performer/participant are thus blurred as is the notion of performance as artefact due to the rivalry with its digital, dislocated, disembodied, remediation.


Curated by: Anaze Izquierdo, Liliana Albornoz, Karen Garcia.


Many thanks to NNM Studio Lima.


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