My name is Monstera Deliciosa. I am no artist, but have inhabited spaces and practices that some would call artistic. A she-they kind of womxn, I live through the joys of insurrectionist trans-feminism, the perils of visibility and the paradoxes - physical and philosophical - that existing outside of the gender binary brings (hi dysphoria!). My works talk about this all, while reflecting on dynamics of viewership to invoke and demystify the normative gaze (techno-patriarchy I’m coming for you). An elusive presence, Monstera never cedes to the advances of the art market and refuses to reify her work and produce sellable commodities. She’s not in it as a token for your diversity quota but would rather call out the exploitative mechanisms of the contemporary art world and the hegemony of western institutional practice. Spare her from the tiresome limitations of the white-cube and pay her to pick up her one heel and wobble down the streets. 

For a chronology of Monstera's best appearances across the international stage, feel free to consult this document.