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My name is Monstera Deliciosa.

I am no artist, but have inhabited spaces and practices that some would call artistic.

A she-they kind of womxn, I live through the joys of trans-feminism, the perils of visibility and the paradoxes - physical and philosophical - that existing outside of the gender binary brings (boo to assimilation!). My work endeavours to articulate this all - be it through the minutia of applying lipstick while hanging from a 10 meter high balcony or the grandeur of a sticky breath imprinted against a gallery window front. Neither here nor there, but mostly all over, Monstera tries to unsettle what is perceived as spectacular, in a balancing act between endurance and elegance, compulsion and commotion. 

She’s usually not in it as a token for your diversity quota, so spare me from the tiresome limitations of the white-cube and pay me to pick up my one heel and wobble down the streets (or hills).  

Hope you still like her, if you hate her!

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