In my work, I grapple with my understanding of myself as a body in transit, a fleeting presence. 

I am neither male nor female, neither masculine nor feminine.

As such, when in the public space, I am both erased and visibilised.

 I therefore exist intermittently.

To stage this, I create works that metonymically embody these dual modes of

blending in and standing out, of navigating space and taking up space.

My manifesting causes attention and indifference, curiosity and contempt.

My otherness calls for witnessing, but attracts instead voyeurism.

  When I appear, my presence is often predated upon, cannibalised. 

That's why, in my existence confined to fabulosity or oblivion,

I put on a shiny armour, a thin shield that both

protects me and traps me, that both attracts and repels.

In a continuous pendulum between glory and shame.'


Monstera Deliciosa is a multi-faceted performative phenomenon whose work and persona reflect on her experience as a gender non-conforming subject and her construction and positioning as other in the public space. With a background in performance art, Monstera‚Äôs works vary in methodology and format, spanning across and often combining performance, video and installation.

Her pieces have been presented internationally in NYC, London, Berlin, Lima, Venice, Vienna and Milan, circulating within the context of galleries and festivals as well as inhabiting the public space as part of guerrilla interventions. After a period of research and presentations in Portugal, Monstera Deliciosa has now returned to London where she continues to develop and present iterations of her ongoing multi-disciplinary series The Iconography of the Vulnerable Self and Liminal Bodies, while further discussing and problematising notions of queer and trans visibility, ephemerality, commodification and erasure.